Attention: fraudulent telephone calls

More information about vishing attempts

For some time now, there have been increasing reports of vishing attempts. These fraudulent phone calls are usually made via a mobile phone in the name of the police or other authorities. The callers impersonate police authorities such as fedpol, Europol, INTERPOL, cantonal police forces and customs authorities.

Please note the following important information:

Vishing callers:

Generally speaking, callers introduce themselves as belonging to the police or other authorities and usually speak in English.

Vishing content:

Most of these calls are about your personal information and bank details. Vishing callers are currently claiming that there are irregularities in your identity document, your SwissID account or your bank account.

What you should and shouldn’t do:

  • Hang up as soon as possible.
  • Do not provide any personal information.
  • If you unwittingly provide your bank details, contact your bank immediately to block your cards.
  • If you make a payment, contact your bank immediately so that they can block the payment if necessary.
  • Report the attempted fraud by clicking on the following link: NCSC Report.

General information on vishing is available on the National Cyber Security Centre NCSC website.

The following links provide practical advice:

Last modification 31.10.2023

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